Heinrich's Domino Theory for Preventing Accidents

Heinrich's Domino Theory is a theory that he proposed in 1931. It proposes that workplace accidents are not caused by a single cause but involve a series of events or factors that are related to each other, like the falling of a row of dominoes. Heinrich stated that if you can prevent or control the initial triggering factors (the first domino), you can prevent more serious accidents from occurring in the workplace.

Heinrich's Domino Theory includes five levels of dominance or sequential events that can lead to accidents, and the theory is known as "Haddon's Domino Theory" due to the expansion of the theory by William Haddon, an epidemiologist. The five stages of dominance are as follows:

  • Dangerous Acts or Conditions: These are the initial triggering factors that create the potential for an accident, such as dangerous employee actions or unsafe physical conditions in the workplace.
  • Human Behavior (Unsafe Practices): If the initial precipitating factors are not addressed, unsafe human behaviors, such as non-compliance with safety procedures or careless actions, can lead to accidents.
  • Injury: This is the stage where an accident actually occurs and someone suffers a physical injury or loss.
  • Physical or Material Damage (Property Damage): Accidents can also cause damage to equipment, property, or the environment.
  • Final Acts or Conditions: The last level in the dominance chain is the actions or conditions that arise as a result of the accident, such as rescue or recovery actions, as well as further preventive measures taken after the accident.

Heinrich argues that by identifying and addressing the initial triggering factors (the first domino), companies can prevent more serious accidents from occurring in the workplace. This is the basic concept used in modern occupational safety and health management to prevent workplace accidents and incidents. However, since it was first proposed, the theory has undergone several criticisms and modifications, and approaches to occupational safety have further evolved over time.

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